Wednesday, September 29, 2010

They Just Don't Get It!

People are constantly stopping by our house to visit. That’s not a bad thing. We know a lot of people around here. Dawn was raised here and I have lived here thirty years.

Recently it has been interesting to watch people faces when they come in and notice the absents of furniture and knick knacks. They always ask where is all your STUFF. We explain that we have sold a lot of STUFF and will soon be moving into our RV and hitting the road.

This explanation always brings on a lot of questions. First question is usually, how long you going to be gone? We explain we are not sure how long we will be gone. It all depends on how long it takes us to see all we want to see. We have even had friends ask just what on earth is it we think we needed to see out there? They just don’t get it!

Second question, what are you going to do with the house? We explain that we are going to sell it. They get this look on their face and then tell us that we can’t just sell the house and hit the road. Where will we live when we get finished traveling? We explain we are not sure. We are pretty sure there won’t be a housing shortage when we get ready to settle down. We might find another area to live instead. They just don’t get it!

Third question, What about your family and friends? Sure some of family members think we have a loose screw but, for the most part, they wished they could do the same. We all have cell phones and computers. We can continue to communicate just as we do today. They just don’t get it!

Of course we have a few friends and family members that think we are totally insane and won’t last a month on the road. Dawn and I have discussed why some people give us nothing but negative comments about living in our RV. We had to stop and put ourselves in their shoes. These people that make those negative remarks don’t go anywhere. They are homebodies. There are some that are afraid of their own shadow. There are also those that get so set in their ways and change is very hard to take. Some cannot imagine living anywhere else beside in their hometown. Some are so physically attached to their families that they would not go anywhere unless the entire family went too. They just don’t get it!

We had a friend recently tell us that we are crazy! The scenery might be a little different but the people are all the same wherever you go. There is nothing out there worth giving up your house and all your STUFF. That comes from someone that was born and raised in this small town and anything outside of it upsets their comfort level. They just don’t get it!

We have also been told that it will be dangerous for two women to be out on the road alone. That person doesn’t know us as well as we thought they did. We are perfectly capable of taking care of ourselves. Dawn has had her hand gun license for a good while and grew up hunting. She knows about guns and how to use them. I on the other hand can carry a mean case of PMS and no one wants to cross me. All kidding aside, we have traveled a good deal by ourselves and are always caution and don’t take any chance.

Anyway, they just don’t get it!

We also realize it is not everyone’s cup of tea. Why can’t people just be happy for us and stop with all the negative comments? Maybe we won’t live in the RV for more than a year or two, who knows? But one thing about it, we can say is we did it!


  1. We got and still continue to get the same questions and responses. Some folks will never get it and we no longer feel the need to make them understand. This lifestyle is us, we love it and we no longer care what others feel about it...we promise we will not try to change others and we want the same from them.

    Enjoy...we look forward to someday meeting up with you both when you began the next phase in your lives.

  2. We must have the same friends.Well said you took the words right out of my mouth.I have not told my family yet I don't want to hear it.You are right on with this blog.

  3. Thank you for following our blog!

    We also have friends and family who don't understand why we wanted to sell our house and stuff and live in a RV.
    We did it anyway, we don't regret it, and we love this lifestyle!

    John and Judy

  4. I have spent the last couple hours reading your story. Way to go!!! Some people either want to or not. I have spent the last year reading, planning, talking about it, learning, acquiring things, then just the week b4 i leave my sister-in-law finally realizes i won't be there for xmas. No i will be in Florida. So stay the course, it is an adventure out there. Take care and maybe i will see you on the road!!!

  5. You are absolutely right....they just don't get it. We're finding the same kinds of comments as we prepare to hit the road, but we really don't care. Once the house sells, we will be outa here.

  6. The idea of "stability" and "security" has always been the home, the job and the same place all the time. I suppose there is some sense of security there, but there is no real adventure. People don't understand that mind-set.
    The people that don't get it, probably never will.
    Do what makes you feel good, and what you know is right for you.

    Welcome to my blog (thanks for being a follower!)


  7. Hey, with two of you, you can double team any adversity! I don't "pack a piece" and have never felt the need to. I GET IT!! :)

  8. Yes this is a very true-to-life post. I don't think my mom "get's it" but she accepts and even supports our decision, bless her heart.


  9. Just wanted tos ay, good luck to you!! My little girl and I are about to embark on our full timing adventure as well.

    I'm a single Mom with disabilities, and we've been homeless(due to abuse) for four years. The RV will serve as a roof (that no one can ever take away from us again), and as a vehicle which will afford us the opportunity to carry out a traveling, brain injury awareness campaign.

    People in my life don't "get it" either. Traditional housing just won't work for us---nor does it work for you at the moment. Frankly, I don't get those who don't have the wanderlust that tries to bubble up on a daily basis!! ;-) Best of luck to you! Stop on by our blog when you get a chance--maybe we'll be fortunate enough to meet up on the road sometime! ;-)


  10. Sounds like some of the questions we got 3 years ago. For the most part though, a lot of people want to do what we are doing, but don't have the guts. Stay safe.

  11. I get it!! Only problem I have is when you see the Tetons up close in the morning light for the first time I won't be there to enjoy it with you. I can see your pictures now...

  12. Oh yeah! My spouse, Sue, has never lived outside Iowa. But I keep putting the travel bug in her. I will retire a few years before she does and I intend to travel, alone or with her. She's slowly melting on the idea of RVing -- but NOT FULL-TIME! She needs a home base. But who knows where 4-5 years put her mindset. Of course, I am the one who has lived all over and look forward to being all over the map. Great blog!!