Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fulltime Budget

Budget! We have been doing some research online to find out what our living expenses might be as fulltimers. It appears to be different for everyone. We’ve noticed that some people can live on very little money and some have staggering budgets.

Here is what we’ve learned so far. Boondocking, There is quite a few people that live this very frugal lifestyle. Their living expenses are very low because they are very self contained. They tend to stay out of the way places such as BLM for nothing or practically nothing. They use solar power for their electricity and use it sparingly. They haul their water from off site and it is used sparingly too. They claim to have the best views of any RVers.

It sounds appealing. We are certainly open to the wide open views and the quite of the great outdoors but we are kind of spoiled. We like having electricity. We run the A/C when it’s HOT outside. Neither of us are big fans of sleeping with the windows open and sweating ourselves to sleep. I have severe allergies that make it difficult for me to sleep with the windows open anyway. We don’t use a lot of water but we really don’t care to have to haul it either. If we spend too much time in the wilderness we might drive each other totally crazy!

Resort RVers. WOW, we have learned that many people stay only in RV resorts and enjoy all the finer things in life. The finer things such as full hook ups that include water, electric, sewer, cable and wifi to name a few. These resorts have computer centers, laundry, restaurants, bars, golf courses, tennis courts, fitness center and heated swimming pools. Have you seen the prices of these kinds of places? We could spend our monthly income and stay at RV resorts, but we’d have to spend our days pan handling for food and gas money. That doesn’t sound too appealing.

We might just have to shop around and stay in the average campgrounds until we get an idea just what our living expenses will be. We sometimes learn best by doing!

We are welcome to any input anyone might want to offer on the subject.

Travel Safe Dawn and Denise