Tuesday, March 15, 2011

More Packing

I’m very happy to announce that Dawn’s headaches are subsiding and we’re hoping they are going away for good. She’s had a difficult time because they are so depilating. We took full advantage of her feeling better and packed our winter clothes into some totes. We’ve been gradually doing away with a lot of our clothes but still have some that we need to get rid of. Last night we decided to pack the winter clothes that we are going to keep into plastic totes. This way we can get a feel for the amount of clothes we’ll be taking with us on the road.

We have a couple of plastic totes under the bed in the fifth wheel that will hold winter coats, gloves and hats. We are hoping that we won’t need many winter clothes. But you never know!

We won’t be carrying a lot of summer clothes either. We are going to limit ourselves to a lot less then we currently have. It’s funny how we tend to hoard clothes that we haven’t worn in a while including the things that doesn’t fit anymore! We’ll only keep what we can fit into and get rid of the rest.

We also have a small tote under the bed with our small Christmas tree and decorations. Its nice having the under bed storage area. It will hold four good size totes and several small totes. Our closet is large enough to hold four twenty gallon totes and we still have room for hanging clothes. We have a couple of large long baskets we have placed on shelf above the hanging clothes. Where can store T-shirts, shorts and pants. Our dresser has four small drawers. Those drawers are only large enough to hold undies, socks and PJ’s.

We also have an additional storage area in the bedroom where we store our bed linens and blankets. Deciding which blankets and linens to take was a chore in itself. Dawn has her favorites and I have mine. We have that all worked out and done.

We plan to live in the fifth wheel while we prepare the house to put on the market. We want to make sure we empty the house except for the remaining furniture. Living in the fifth wheel will also give us the opportunity to see exactly what we need and what we don’t. This way we will hopefully have the fifth wheel just the way we want it when we hit the road.

Travel Safe Dawn and Denise