Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wax On, Wax Off

We had a productive weekend. We pulled out the 5th wheel and I finished up the curtains. Now all the windows have matching thermal curtains. We connected to water and checked the plumbing for leaks. No Leaks.

We watched washed and waxed the truck. Two coats of wax to be exact. It was only waxed once last year and it was past due for another coat. I don’t mind waxing. It sure is rewarding to step back and see how great it looks with a nice shine on it.

Dawn gave the interior the full treatment. She cleaned all the leather and then went back over it with a conditioner. She did such a great job that we now have to tighten our seat belts in order not to slide out of our seats when traveling! It really does look good inside and out.

Again, I really don’t mind waxing the truck but now my arms feel like I’m wearing concrete gloves. My shoulders feel like I’ve been carrying a heavy load. I know, Get Over It!

We really need to wash and wax the 5th wheel too. I’ll wash it and then put it back in the RV garage. I’ll wax a section of it every day until I have it all waxed. I have waxed it in a weekend but I had problems lifting my arms for a few days afterwards! Oh, and we have a Saturn Ion that also needs a good washing and waxing too. That’s no big deal; I can wash and wax it in a couple of hours.

We drove the lawn mower around and mowed our two acres. We also did some laundry. Visited the grocery store too.

We did snap a few pictures of the moon on Saturday. It was so orange when it began it’s to show it’s self. We sat on the patio and watched as its colors changed from a burnt orange color to a bright white.

Now that I think about it, we sure got a lot done in a couple of days. That’s pretty good for two old out-shape fat girls. Dawn reminds me that round is a shape!!!!!!!

Travel Safe Dawn and Denise