Thursday, March 24, 2011

Still Sorting and Packing

More sorting and packing went on at our house last night. We have moved some winter clothes to the 5th wheel. We can only hope we won’t be here next winter. We have moved some addition cookware out to the 5th wheel kitchen. It is very important to have all the necessary cooking utensils to prepare a proper meal.

Dawn loves to cook and I must say she is pretty darn good at it too. When we started living together I weighed *!@?#, well let’s just say I was average weight for my height. It is obvious when you look at me that I might have been over indulging myself with her good cooking for the past eighteen or so years.

O.K, maybe I exaggerated just a little. But you get the point. I know I need to get into shape. Of course, round is a shape!

Anyway, back to packing and sorting. Dawn has been packing up the kitchen of the things that we haven’t been using and setting aside things to go into the trailer. This will be a good test for us to see what we really need.

Yesterday Dawn went through her spice cabinet and threw out a lot of spices. We have pull-out spice rack drawers on each side of the oven that holds approximately fifty or so bottles of spices per drawer. The other area she keeps spices is in an overhead cabinet with three shelves. It was over flowing with maybe a hundred bottles. What can I say, the girls like to cook! She cleaned out the cabinet area and we now an empty shelf! We will have throw out or give away a lot of them before we hit the road.

We are still making progress!

Well, after all the sorting and packing is all done, we have to paint the interior of the house and shampoo the carpets. I love to paint so that won’t be a problem. Dawn doesn’t care to paint and that’s fine. She usually ends up with more on her then the walls anyway.

Dawn asked me the other day what we’ll do with all our spare time when all of this sorting, packing, painting and shampooing is done.

That’s a very good question. We’ve been doing this for so long it will feel a bit strange but I’m sure we will find something to fill the gap. Maybe we will learn to sit back and relax while we wait for the house to sell!

Travel Safe
Dawn and Denise