Wednesday, March 30, 2011

House SOLD! ! ! ! ! !

The house is SOLD.

We are in a state of SHOCK! Our minds are going 100 MPH! OMG! We are really going to get to fulfill this dream!

Sorry about that!
Yes, that’s right we’ll be hitting the road as of June 1st. Can you believe it? We can’t! We sold the house without a For Sale sign.

Maybe we should explain how this happened. It all came about because Dawn’s best friend, Lisa showed an interest in buying the house. They discussed the asking price and the next thing you know we have a contract and earnest money in hand.

We can hardly believe it! This works out great for both parties. Since Dawn and Lisa have been best friends since childhood, Lisa practically grew up in the house too. We are so excited for the sale and we are also excited that Lisa and her family will be the next owners of the house.

We have so much to do before June 1st . We are still going to paint the interior of the house before we leave. We also have more packing to do and we need to rent a storage unit for the items that we plan on keeping.

We’ve gota get BUSY!

Travel Safe Dawn and Denise